What to wear and what to bring

When sailing it's appropriate to wear clothes which one would wear to the beach. Also, one must anticipate being wet at some time during your sail expedition. If you're not wet, when sailing you're not having FUN!
So, what to bring - wear longer than normal shorts (3/4's) so you will not burn your upper legs when sitting in the cockpit for lunch and drinks. Bring lunch consisting of salads, dips, and nuts etc. if the breeze is forecast 15 knots or below. If the Weather is going to be invigoratingly brisk - 20 Knots or more - maybe a sandwich or roll will do! For adventure sailing! dry rations such as muesli bars.
On days when it is an "Adventure Sail" and you may get wet wear clothes which will not remain damp such as jeans. Rather synthetics will be smart.
Bring plenty of 15+ sun protection lotion, a good pair of sunglasses, white-soled deck shoes, not open toed sandals - either old joggers or white-soled sandshoes will do. A sun hat with elasticised chin band or hat clip to shade your nose and ears, and herbal or acupuncture wrist bands if you are prone to 'motion sickness' could be the go.
Arh' Yes! Bring plenty of fluids to keep hydrated, especially on days 28c +, contained within soft cooler bags - no hard Esky's please. No wine glasses - plastic will be fine, also stubbies of beer in cooler bags will make the trip sublime.* FAIR SAILING me HEARTY'S *

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Baseball caps will do

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