Terms & Conditions

In the event a Sailing Day needs to be cancelled due to adverse weather conditions or viable crew numbers 'the organisers' will put over that "crew" to a future convenient date. You will be notified on the Thursday night preceeding the sailing weekend.

To secure your "crew position" please fill out a cheque to money order in favour of 'h2o Sailing - Yacht Charters.

If we sight and have the Sea Puppies - Bottle Nosed or Common Dolphins around the bow of the yacht we will not ask for a surcharge nor will we offer sailing instruction as an extra.
So if you are keen on sailing but have never been or if you are an old salt who wants another infusion of salt sea air in your lungs this is a perfect opportunity to fulfill your wishes.

Please be aware that although ownership of digital photographs remain the property of the author/photographer - John Weeks (c)2005 lawful use of same may be considered when approval is sought.

The thoughts, phrases and structure of the Web Page content although unique may have unintentionally been replicated. If so, no positive intention has been used.

If, after reading and viewing text and photographs, the author invites participants to contact him in writing at the Post Office Box or e-mail. Comment in a constructive way. He would be pleased to receive such advice. Thank you.

H2O Yacht Charters

& Sail Training

ABN 53 342 768 611

pic1 Good boat speed

Crew ready for a salty adventure

A relaxing time on deck

Plenty of playful sea-puppies

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